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Fighting with the Psyche

Does anyone else have this problem?

I'm writing along -- have a great time, really into the story, feeling like a WRITER!

Then I come to an end of a section. It could be the end of a chapter or just a break within the chapter. And my minds says, "Okay, we're done." and shuts down.

What the F****. We are not done. I've got 10,000 words to write by the end of March and a piddling 1,000 isn't going to make it.

So I guess I'll go have lunch, and come back to write after. Maybe that will fool my psyche into thinking that it's a new day of writing.


Yes, actually--it does. It just did, in fact. It usually happens at around 4-5 hours at the computer. I think I've trained my brain to turn off at 2:30. No matter where I am in the story, brain closes down.

The good thing about that is, what comes first the next day is usually infinitely better than it would have been had I pushed it. My brain might be trained, but it still knows what it's doing. :)
For me it doesn't matter how long I've been working. I may have only been at the computer for half an hour. If I finish a section, something inside me thinks I'm done for the day.

It's strange because when I was writing for TV that never happened to me. I guess when you paycheck depends on getting something done, your psyche simply gets in line.

I actually take frequent short breaks. I usually come back with a fresh perspective. Lunch seemed to work this time. I got some solid work done in the afternoon. I have to say, thought, that washing your hair is a great idea! What a metaphor for refreshing your brain.
I hate it when that happens. When it does, I switch to another project so the Muse keeps trodding along. Eventually she'll get back to the work in question.
Switching projects is a good idea. Lunch seemed to work this time. Lord knows I have plenty of projects from which to choose.

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