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Christmas in the Sky

The sky above Albuquerque this morning was filled with hundreds of brightly colored teardrop shapes like Christmas ornaments floating in midair.  What a spectacular sight.  In amongst these teardrops I spotted a turtle, tweety bird, a pink elephant and smoky the bear.  The wind was such that Darth Vader (whose was protected by a contingent of stormtroopers -- not kidding -- really) didn't make it off the ground.  Neither did my favorite balloon, the nightmare house with its witch, jack-o-lantern and ghost.  These guys were just to big for the wind currents today.  As was the Wells Fargo stagecoach balloon.  The two giant bees flew though.

More fireworks tonight -- and something called The Glow.  It's where all the balloons fire up their burners at the same time at night.  I'm told if the sky looked like Christmas that I should witness the Glow on the ground.

Now it's time to work on the novel.  Oh Boy!