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So It's unanimous so far.  My Crazy Mary line is in.  It's my favorite and the one for which my husband and evil stepdaughter voted.  (She's not really evil, but we both call each other evil.  Especially since I told everyone I eat my children.)

Thank you to everyone who voted.  Karen -- good to see you here.  Can't wait for January.

The balloon festival is winding up this weekend.  I took my evil sd down to the special shapes assention and it was fabulous.  It's one thing watching the balloons at at distance.  It's another to be right there on the field watching them fill up, become something other than a large piece of flat material, and then float away among the cheers of enthralled onlookers.  

Darth Vader is especially impressive up close.  It is HUGE!  If I figure out how to post links and pictures and stuff I'll post.  Anyway, the sound of all those propane tanks burning is amazing.  

There was a contest where the balloons came close to the ground and dropped tokens at targets.  It amazed me how much control the pilots have.  They ascended, flew down the field, descended, dropped their token and ascended all without hitting one of the other hundreds of balloons doing the same thing.  I felt like I was standing inside a Christmas Tree.  If you ever get a chance to come to the balloon festival -- do it.  You won't regret it.