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Okay, my mom has bounced back big time.  Whew.

I went to Amadillo Con last weekend.  I was an invited guest which meant I was on 3 panels and did a reading.  I actually had 4 people at my reading.  Jay Lake read before me so he stayed out of sympathy.  Thanks Jay.  I read the first chapter of my new novel and it went over well so that was very encouraging.

Amadillo Con is an interesting con.  It's small enough for someone like me to feel comfortable on the panels, and yet large enough to attract people like Laura Ann Gilman, Rachel Caine and Joe Lansdale.  There were also quite a few BroadUniverse women there.  If you don't know about BroadUniverse check us out on the web.  We are an organization that supports women spec fiction writers.  We have a dealers table at most conventions where "Broads" can sell their books as well as Rapid Fire Readings and parties.  There are lots of great things about being a member.  If you check them out and decide to join, please put my name down as the one who recommended them.

I met Matt Cardin, editor of Holy Horrors.  I reminded him of my story "Anointed" (which he rejected late in the process) and he said he remembered the story and that it was a very close miss -- just didn't fit where the theme of the anthology was headed.  That was nice.

So now I'm back home for a while and am back on the novel.  I sent the first 70 pages off to Nancy Holder (my MFA mentor) and am working on the next 70.  I like where this is going.  I think this is the most fun I've had writing a novel.