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Obama is President

Back in 1992 I was called to North Carolina to be a writer's assistant on a mini series. I was going to dinner one evening with a friend, when an African American man started yelling at us and waving us over. A white women had fallen and he couldn't touch her.

My friend and I went to help this woman. I found her wandering dog and walked the woman a couple of blocks to her house. She was drunk. We passed a pretty little African American girl and the dog went crazy, trying to attack her. The woman started spewing words that made me understand she trained her do to do this.

This was a wake-up call for me. I didn't realize this kind of bigotry still existed. I felt so much shame -- for the fact that it did exsist and the fact that I was so unaware.

Sixteen years later the country elects an African American president. This fills me with so much hope. I'm well aware that the kind if bigotry I witnessed in 1992 still exsists. I run into it in the classes I teach online. It's a constant reminder.

But America elected an African American President! It's a transformational moment -- as we've heard over and over. My heart is filled with pride and joy. And the shame I felt in 1992 isn't exactly gone, but is healing.