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Writing and Moving

We writers are great procrastinators.  Everything around us seems like the siren's call luring us away from our computers or pen and paper.  There's laundry to do, friends to meet for lunch, groceries to pick up.

So imagine my surprise that at a time when I have so much to do -- packing and generally getting ready for a BIG move, my writing has become my priority.  Nothing can tear me away from my computer until about 3:00 in the afternoon.  Okay yes, I'm typing this entry now, but I haven't even had breakfast yet (maybe not such a good idea to post before food).

The difference.  I'm very excited about what I'm writing.  I feel like I broke the spine of this novel -- or at least my main characters motivations, and wrote a completely new beginning and am rewriting my first 120 pages.  There is a theory that you shouldn't go back and rewrite before you finish a novel.  I've tried that and that novel is sitting in a drawer waiting for what feels like an overwhelming rewrite.  So I decided to rewrite as I go.  It works for me on short stories.  It renews my enthusiasm for the project.  Plus, of course, I need to have 135 pages of 'publishable' work for my creative thesis so I really do have permission to rewrite now.

Now that I've rewritten the beginning, the rewrite is actually quite easy.  I'm filling in details I left out and giving my main character a depth she didn't have before.  Since I'm so grounded now I can breeze through my existing pages and bring them up to where they should be.  It is so much fun.  And interesting.  A chapter that originally started on page 15 now starts on page 25.  That's how much I left out before.  The folly of screenplay writing -- I set the scene and then forget about it as if an art director is going to come in and color it in for me.  Not anymore.

So the boxes downstairs waiting for books will just have to wait.  I've got writing to do.  And I'm going to do it... right after breakfast!


Going to Disneyland

After a month of packing, hiring movers, driving cross country and unpacking -- Paul had decided I need a break and I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND. Actually we're going to Disneyland. What a great way to spend Easter. I really love Disney. A lot of people feel differently, but Space Mountain really rocks.

I got my office set up today so I was actually able to write. Finished a dirty draft of my short film script. I figure a day away and Monday I can clean it up and send it off to my mentor -- 8 days late but she understood about the moving and all and still gave me a good midterm eval.

So life is good. And I'm going to Disneyland.