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Looking for New Media help

 I've got a question for you all out there.  Yesterday I went to a Charter High Shool who is transitioning from a vocational school to a Digital Arts school.  They are really hot on making all the electives in the film industry -- which is a fabulous idea since New Mexico is so hot right now.

Anyway, they're talking to me about teaching screenwriting, but want me to develop a 'pitch' which I'll present at a student assembly about why the students should learn screenwriting.  Okay, I can do that.  But I want to branch out here.  Yes, it's good for film and television, but right now video/computer whatever games are hot and looking for script writers. My friend and fellow Clarion West littermate Jeff Spock has made a career writing them.  I also know there's other new media out there where scripts are required -- but I don't know what they are.

Can anybody out there point me either to a site or book about other media using scripts -- or simply just fill me in.  I have to present this in the next couple of weeks so I'd really appreciate the help.

I love the idea of teaching teenagers how to write scripts.  This is a very culturally diverse school and I think the stories that could come out of them would be incredible.

Productive day

Today  was a more productive day.  I figured out where I'm going in this particular chapter of my novel.  Gone is the "Momento" effect.  Yay.

I also decided to apply for New Mexico's New Vision's grant for short animated scripts.  The problem is the film has to be 10 min or less so I had to take a pass at my script and cut it down.  It was actually quite easy.  It's amazing how time makes this line or that line much less important that it used to be.  So now I have a 13 page script -- which is acceptable.  Now I have to get together a storyboard.  I have all the images, so that won't be difficult.  And I want to edit down the powerpoint presentation because I'd love to include that with the grant application to show the judges know exactly what I'm after and how much I've already done.  That's going to take some effort because the voice editing software I used was just a 30 day download.  Sigh.  Anyone have any ideas on voice editing software?

I also put my making money hat on and sent query letters to a bunch of agents for my friend Jerry.  I need to write the synopsis of his second novel and get that one out there as well.  And I have his third manuscript here to read.  Busy, busy, busy!

But at least I remember everything I did today.  At least I think I do.  I wonder if I fed the fish today?